Thursday, June 7

All Blogs Go To Heaven

I was wondering, what happens to your blog when it outlives you?
Recently, a blog friend of mine, The Blog Bloke, had some fairly serious surgery. He hasn't blogged since then or answered comments on his blog. It made me think, what will become of my blog when I am long gone. Does it just float around in cyberspace or does someone nix it after there have been no post for an extended period?

I do wish the Blog Bloke would let us know he is o.k. He is a die hard blogger and I can't imagine why he wouldn't update. It's been over a month now. He and Sally were very helpful when I was first setting up my blog last year. The Blog Bloke also set up the translate box on my blog. I could never figure it out so I sent him my password and he did it for me. Some people you know you can trust, even when you've never met.

Will "Yo-Yo in Paradise" be my legacy to Costa Rica?
That's one of those things that make you go "hmmmm".


Anonymous said...

Good question. Ranks right up there with "does GOD exist" and "who killed JR".
I hope your friend is ok, and most likely simply recovering from his ordeal. As a female, I used to be jealous of the guys...shoot, a penis is a very convenient thing, compared to what WE have to work with. You can go almost anywhere, how sweet! And always feel "fresh":). And no periods for love of God. But the guys get the stones more often and the prostate problems, so maybe it all evens out in the final analysis. And yes, some even experience the pain of childbirth.
Beth. PS WHO is that sweet bikini-baby in your next post?

Blog Bloke said...


TICA MACHA said...

I knew I'd get a response from you if it were your last breath. Glad your still with us and alive and kicking! Missed Ya!

TICA MACHA said...

We had a beach clean up recently and that little treasure was toddling around. Her, in that poka-dotted bikini (with diapers), was just too irresisible not to capture with my camera.