Monday, June 18

For the Bloke

This post is dedicated to the Blog Bloke. Without the Bloke's help, there would not be a 'Yo-Yo in Paradise' blog. He was there to help me with my silly questions and get me going on the technical details of blogging. His informative posts keep me current on what is available in the blog world. A lot of the info on his site is technical and way over my head but I still hope it will sink in. The tricks, tips and etiquette of blogging are all there on his site.

Recently, I thought I had lost him and posted "All Blogs go to Heaven" to see if he was still out there in the blogosphere. He replied and all was right again in the blog world.

This is my post to the Bloke to let him know that his efforts to educate people on blogging are much appreciated (and needed). Keep up the good work Bloke!
(Waiting anxiously for your post on how to make money blogging)


Blog Bloke said...


But seriously, why don't you open an Adsense account and use Blogger's built-in widgets to make it happen? It won't make you rich but it's a good place to start.

Let me know if you have trouble ( and thanks for the sweet post).

Tica Macha said...

Widgets, huh? Guess I'd better go study up on my blog.