Thursday, July 3

Prelude to the Fourth

It's that time again, time for all Americans to celebrate their independence. In Costa Rica, we celebrate Independence Day on September the 15th. Used to, they would have a celebration at the U.S. Embassy here in San Jose for the Fourth of July and there was free beer for all... so I've heard. I think they don't do that anymore, or do they?
Happy Fourth of July everyone!!


barry said...

And a Happy Fourth of July to you too. Teri . can you smell the burgers on the grill and taste the icey cold watermelon ,hear the pop of a firecracker down the block & the EWWWWs & Ahhhhhhs of a nite time fireworks matter where we travel, fond memories can come along; Have a great Weekend.

PhotoArtWorks said...

Oh, Teri, that's a great shot----looks like fireworks! Very clever! Hope you have a great weekend---it's been storming every afternoon/evening here (Titusville,
Fl)lately. Hopefully, the fireworks won't be rained out tonight.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the USA!
Great pic.

TICA MACHA said...

I heard a few "explosions" around 9pm but due to the rain, I think the firework shows around here were a bust.
Dunt know, I was asleep. -t

wolfie_cr said...

they took a one year break from that party, they did it again this year

as the commercial says

gas to go to party, 10 dollars
money to pay to the 2#4@#$@ 'cuidacarros' 1 dollar
being drunk at 10 AM .......priceless

for everything else there is Mastercard

(being pissed at your wife because she got pissed off as you drove back rather fast and drunk..........thats priceless too! :-s )

wolfie_cr said...

speaking of which, I had not being to Jaco in over 6 about a CHANGE

Anonymous said...

Great Picture Teri, Thank You from the bottom of my Red, White, and Blue heart. Wow, a blue heart does'nt sound too cool now does it. Oh well you know what I mean.