Friday, October 16

Eighteen Wheelers

This is the truck stop between Jaco and Hermosa. No gas station, restaurant, bathroom, nothing. Just flocks of scarlet macaws passing over and the ocean breeze. One day while passing, I saw all the trucks lined up and just had to stop and get a snap shot. I hear them all the time coming off the mountain doing the "jake brake" thing. It's sounds like they're coming through my living room. There are no laws against jake breaking here like in Florida but hey, we don't have mountains in South Florida.

Check out the BEAU-TI-FUL lines on the highway. Yes, they are new. You know you live in a third world country when you get excited about lines being painted on the highway!! Nice lines. I got a photo when they were laying them down. I call it "Dragging the Line". It's after a song with the same title.
Dragging the Line


Carol said...

WOW - Those lines are awesome! Do you feel like you're in the Big City now, Teri? I can't wait to see them & chuckle to see how the Tico drivers handle them, i.e., no passing......hehe

TICA MACHA said...

It would be nice if people followed the "rules" but a double line is merely taken as a suggestion here.

katemeri said...

We have to change the directions we give to Esterillos Oeste now. We used to say when you see the painted lines end on the highway then we are the next right turn. We were amazed when they continued painting the lines all the way to Parrita.

TICA MACHA said...

Yeah, they definitely got on a roll and repainted some spots. It's so nice now!! And the new road and toll around Orotina blows my mind!!

Anonymous said...

I know the sound of the trucks that you refer to...they kept me awake and woke me up many times. I could not hear them from the master suite, the ocean was louder. But from the room they put me in last time....oh ya. They annoyed me. But I sure would NOT want to drive a big truck on any of the roads in Costa Rica, Jake brakes or not!!