Saturday, October 31

Harry's Here!!

That's right, straight from Brazil and this time, he brought his wife, Christina. Today was my first day surf shooting since I can't remember when. My photos show it. Costa Rica always comes through and the waves picked up about the time they arrived. He brought back with him an identical board to the one the waves snapped two years ago.

Ya all (hence ya'll) remember? It was when my telephoto was fairly new and I still playing (still am judging by the photos I took today). Check it out when Harry was here if you missed that....

Let's all cross our fingers for Harry that his board can withstand the challenge of Hermosa's Brokin' da Board Beach.
It's so cool his name is Harry Costa!
Bíenvenidos Harry and Christina Costa!!!


BLOGBloke said...

With all the attention this Harry guy is getting I might have cause to be jealous. Good thing he brought his wife along this time. (*_*)



TICA MACHA said...

Harry returning pushed me back into taking surf shots. Now that I'm out there again, everyone wants their photo!! Yes, I do hope his wife isn't worried because I am the safest person I know with other women's men/husbands! I have no other interest except to get some good surf shots he can brag about (and post on his sites). It's fun to me!! and Lord knows, old "girls just wanta have fun"!