Saturday, October 17

Out My Backdoor

I don't have to look very far to find willing subjects to pose for the camera. This iguana is a regular.
Do you know they climb high in the trees? I've watched them come down from the trees head first and tail first, each one having their own style and finesse. Those sharp claws coming in handy on the descent. Sometimes they fall which can stun them into not moving for several minutes.

WHICH REMINDS ME to tell you.... Don't think an iguana is DEAD because he isn't moving. They play possum. REally! I have rescued many iguanas from my dogs and they will 'comatize' for about 5-10 minutes before coming back to life and escaping. It happened yesterday with a beautiful HUGE young green iguana. They are my favorite, very colorful. The dogs had him pinned behind some plants and he was "in the zone". By the time I got my camera, he was gone.

So, the next time you think about bagging that poor 'dead' iguana, give him a chance to come back to life.
He really may not be dead!!

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Coming soon, photo of Iguanas romancing in the trees. Funniest thing to watch but photos don't do it justice!
Iguana -


Steve D. said...

Must be nice! :) Looks beautiful!


TICA MACHA said...

They still look scary to me but I can pick them up and put them outside the fence when they are motionless. Grip behind their head and the tail, it will whip you if he comes alive. The stuff I've learned to do.... never would I have dreamed this part.

Anonymous said...

I love these guys. Great photos!!