Thursday, October 8

Seven Years

Time sure flies when you're having fun. Well, maybe not all fun but it sure goes by quickly when you stay busy. It's now been seven whole years since I arrived to live in Costa Rica permanently. The first couple of years were spent working on the house I bought. The rest, well, the days pass very slow and the years pass by fast. That's life in the tropics. I am definitely not the same naive person that stepped off that plane with two dogs and a parrot seven years ago. Costa Rica teaches you life lessons that you aren't aware you are learning until time passes. This has been the experience I was searching for when I was considering making the move. Starting over again, learning a new custom and language (failing poorly at Spanish) and discovering things about myself I never knew. Being married all my life (practically), I didn't even know what I liked to eat! It has been a real journey discovering myself and my new homeland.
Pura Vida. I wouldn't change a thing (except eliminate the crime here).

I thought I'd go back on my blog to when I first started YO-YO in 2006, when my blog was new and much better. Here is the post:

Great line - Colonel Jessep, from A Few Good Men.

So you think you may want to move to
beautiful, lush Costa Rica?
It takes a brave soul to "Sell off and
Sail Away" to a place you've never LIVED...

Visiting here is NOTHING, and I repeat,
Nothing like living here.

I think after living here two years,
one is not considered a Rookie
but not a Vet yet.
After 5 years, you show some tenacity
and (hopefully) gain the local respect
You're a Veteran.
You deserve some sort of special Medal.
Chances are, you'll stay here forever.

Some days, I still feel like Dorothy in Oz,
clicking my heels like hell to get "home".
I'm going on my fifth year soon.

I don't get this "ex-pat" status us gringos have here.
I'm not in exile - I'm a North American (from the South) in paradise.


Jen said...

It truely is a life about self discovery here, isn't it. I find it hilarious when people say they know me. How could they possibly when I'm learning about me every single day. Felicidades Teri on your 7th anniversay. I'm glad you're in my life even if it's only virtually. :)

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks Jen, I take comfort in knowing you, too! Right after I posted that, the electric went off.
"Pura vida" is my mantra. It helps put things into perspective.
Battery back up works, that's the trick, to make living here "work".

katemeri said...

Happy Anniversary!

<3 Kate

wolfie_cr said...

Happy Anniversary

Anonymous said...

Girl, you got grit! Congrats. I know you're enjoying a better life than about 98% of us here up north.
See ya in a few months.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Good for you, and may your next seven bring you health happiness and pura vida.
Best Wishes Teri,

TICA MACHA said...

So nice of you to stop by Brace. I've missed you. -t

Tica Macha said...

At this posting, I have lived here FIFTEEN YEARS!! Hard to believe when I think back. Instead of "veteran", I will have to think of another title. Veteran is associated with persons serving in the military and we do not have that here. Costa Rica is a peace loving country and even HUNTING is illegal!! I ♥ Costa Rica.