Thursday, November 5


Ya'll know I love iguanas, I love all the creatures that are part of my backyard. It's entertaining just to watch them in their daily routines. Right now, a red bellied squirrel is picking off almonds, scaling the shell, and dropping them to the pile of left over almonds on the ground. As promised, here are two iguanas sizing each other up for a rendezvous. They're so cute. They bobble their head up and down to see if there is any interest, then follow one another high in the trees.

I love feeding them bananas, pineapples,papayas,,, they even eat hibiscus flowers.
Amazing to watch, now you see it, now you don't.

I am totally fascinated with these prehistoric looking creatures!! I guess I have thousands of photos of them by now.


Jennifer said...

Fantastic shots. I love the iguanas too. We're too cool here for them to come around. That's okay as they'd be stiff competition for the birds. Perhaps my birds would be a snack!

T said...

I have this cool shot of an iguana and birds eating together. Well, the birds backed off and let the iguana eat. Wonder where that photo is?????

BLOGBloke said...

Any idea why they went up into the trees?


TICA MACHA said...

They spend most of their life above the ground, high in the trees. REALLY HIGH in the trees!

Anonymous said...

love these pictures! I have heard that the color of iguanas depends on their diets...if they eat lots of carrots, they will be more orange etc! I love the colors in the ones you have posted. Thanks Teri!