Wednesday, November 18

"Brokin' da Board Beach" Heartbreak

If you are a reader of Yo-Yo, you know I call my beach Brokin Board Beach. I named it years ago when I first moved here because I saw so many guys walking with their head hung low, carrying their board in two pieces.

Shannon was visiting here from Canada during the Billabong World Surf Championship and she caught this shot of exactly what I see often. She emailed it to me with the subject line, "Boy crying". That says it all. With her permission, I am sharing her photo with you. Ahhh, the heartbreak of good waves.

I am happy to report that Harry from Brazil made it back to Brazil with his board in one piece! Great fun Harry, thanks for getting me back out there on the beach with my telephoto. Harry left just as the waves were settling down and now it's a little flat. The waves are fierce at times in Hermosa and be forewarned.... they do break boards when they are on a roll.

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Harry said...

I´m Lucky about the waves during my stay, bring back my board in one piece and more important : Have a friend like you.

Tks, Terry

Anonymous said...

ha! thanks for posting it. I like the sad picture...poor guy. If you're a local, that's probably a big hit! One broken board probably costs more than a month's wage to replace!

Jennifer said...

AWESOME! A picture says a thousand words. A thousand aren't necessary with this shot.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

BreeWee said...

Tica!! Oh chica, I love those fotos....I am sure the boys don't, but they are truly capturing the moment...
Hope you are well. I miss CR MUCHOOOOOOO! Today I'm off to Mexico for the final race of the year, maybe back to CR for holiday... take care!