Thursday, November 26


I won't' be celebrating in my usual fashion by cooking this year. Costa Rica does not celebrate this day and I have a tree cutter coming to cut down a very old palm that is threatening to fall on my house at any given storm. This pains me a great deal to cut this palm due to all the birds that use it for their nesting tree. I have debated this for years and having seen many other palms near my home that were planted in the same time period fall to the ground, I fear this one could be next. This tree has provided me with many photos and sprung forth many baby birds. A geese has her nest up there now and was very upset when the tree cutter shot his line over the tree to pull the ropes.

Trust me, I'd much rather be cooking up a storm today than what is planned. As far as giving thanks, I ritually do that every day. I feel so fortunate that I did break away from the known and ventured here. It has been a blessing with the many lessons I have learned and the beauty I see every day.

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Saratica said...

Pura vida, chica! Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for friends like you who paved the way for us newbies!!!! xoxoxo Saratica

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Peggy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Teri! I'll eat enough for you too. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving. I ate enough turkey for the both of us.
I hope you plant a new tree & watch it grow...

TICA MACHA said...

My house was a three ring circus on Thanksgiving! Jose and his family arrived!! (long story) The palm was cut down and it did grieve me deeply. Not just the palm but the generations of families that have lived there for over a century. The THREE geese circled the tree for HOURS, well into the night and again this morning. They had 18 eggs stashed deep, deep inside the heart of the palm. The guy's arm completely disappeared into the palm when he was retrieving the eggs. He ASSURED ME that he knew a guy that had a chicken and he hopped onto his motorcycle and took the eggs directly there!! and he did.
I did cry over the geese that continued to circle the spot where the tree stood and distress call for their home and their nest. That was sad.
The tree is still laying in my yard, half cut into smaller pieces with the top burnt for the wasp that lived there too. We doused it with water but the fire was so deep inside, it continued to burn all night (my whole house smells like smoke). Pitiful sight, the geese circling the dead palm and calling from the tree nearby.
It was quite the ordeal yesterday.
and did I mention JOSE IS BACK?!!!!!
Let the work commence!!
About Thanksgiving dinner, By the grace of a good friend, I got the most PERFECT traditional Thanksgiving dinner delivered to my home. All I had to do was sit and eat. It was DIVINE!

Carol said...

I'm so glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving, Teri! It was so nice to have BOTH sons here, plus my sister (15 months younger) that I haven't seen in 2 years. The only thing that would have made it more perfect was if YOU had been here! Huge hugs til we get back down there, from ALL the Brownies!

Anonymous said...

hey, sorry about the distress. i love how much you appreciate and respect the nature around you and what it has given you. i love that you try to balance respecting it and taking care of yourself and yours, which you must do! The dinner at Las Olas looked like it was great and I thought of you when I saw the pictures...ticos may not celebrate but you sure have your share of americans around you, and some good ones too, from what i can tell! so although it was bittersweet for you, it also sounded introspective and heartfelt, what it is meant to be! salud and