Wednesday, November 4

Board from Brasil

This is Harry's board. Harry has been hitting the surf everyday and it makes me wonder, how do these guys do it? Come here on vacation and day after day, get beat up, thrashed around like a rag doll only to go out and surf again the next day. Amazing. They are all warriors to me, the dedicated ones.


Jennifer said...

Awesome! Must be some good waves with this storm system.

Nayara V.S said...

o que esta fazendo por esses lados dae??só o surf mesmo pra te levar pra longe do que estteja tudo bem aew,saudades ,de voce da cristina..muitas mesmo..
é o rock in roll,o yellow ta fazendo falta sem voces..
amo demais!

Nayara V.S said...

este lugar é uma belezura heim....
se eu estive trabalhando iria com vvc prae harrry,com certeza deve ter lugar pra andar de skateboard!i love skate!!!
kisses for you!

Anonymous said...

Nayara must be speaking another language...portugese?
Great shots! His yellow board looks like it's starting its shoot into orbit.

TICA MACHA said...

Yep, he's from BRASIL! (That's how they spell it, I have postcards from there, gorgeous!)
I didn't get that at first either....
It's not Spanish, duh. I couldn't understand much his wife, Cristina, was saying. Harry speaks English well.
Yes, Harry bit the dust on that shot! The water is full of sand!

Harry said...

About the first Photo (Board fying):

When I started to surf, mid of 70's, there was no leash (cord that hold the board). So we use to kick out the wave and sometimes now I do this to remember.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of work, surfing with no leash. You have to go fetch your board every time!
It looks really cool the board flying, knowing you are attached to it under that wave.