Thursday, December 24


I joke this is a "chain (link) gang" of one. Pobricito Jose!!

It's not beginning to feel a lot like Christmas because I have been totally focused on getting the fence painted and other odd jobs done around my house since Jose's arrival. I tried putting up my tree and got it half strung with lights. It occurred to me that I do this every year, cloak my house with Christmas decor, and this year, I didn't want to expend the time and energy with so many other things to do. So, I gave my tree and decorations to Jose and his family to use. I learned that they have never had a tree to decorate (or decorations) their entire lives! That felt good and I was happy to load it all in my car and take it to their home. Their little girl (8 years) was so tickled!!
This is what I've been doing,,, getting the fence ready for paint. Here, near the beach, if you don't paint your chain link, it will dissolve with the salt air. My fence has had a hedge beside it for years which has been a source of continuous work, keeping it trimmed. FINALLY, it is now GONE!
We are painting it with Jose on one side and me on the other. The fence seems to be getting longer as we paint. First, it was with brushes and now we have resorted back to using sponges as we did the first time it was painted five years ago. I end up with green paint from head to toe!!
So, keeping this in mind, please pardon my not blogging much. I think of blogging everyday, I just don't get to it.
I wish everyone a very special Merry Christmas and hope all you wishes come true!!


Jennifer said...

Merry Merry CHRISTMAS to you my friend. I'm enjoying the morning with my birdies...couldn't ask for a better gift.

Peggy said...

Merry Christmas Teri!
I like the landscaping by the fence. It looks nice!

TICA MACHA said...

We haven't commenced with the landscaping yet, just removing the hedge and jerking out the roots. You'll have to come visit when it's done! -t

Carol Brown said...

Merry Christmas, Teri! The fence is looking beautiful, and I'm glad you're bringing Jose & his family so much joy! Christmas, 2008 was so beautiful in Jaco that it's kinda sad to be in Atlanta this year. BUT - We will see you soon! Lots of love & Merry Christmas from Brownie, Carol, Casey, Adam, Jazzy & Abby.