Friday, December 4

PA-LEEZE, no jokes or FWD:

Note to readers:
After publishing this, I received many helpful tools from the to fix my computer problems. It had already gone into the shop and I was not able to try any of these but these computer remedies are posted on the "comments". Thank you Bloke for all your efforts to get me up and running.

As I have mentioned, Jose returned and I am busy all day doing projects with him. He only speaks Spanish so I have to think and talk in Spanish all day. Yes, I should know it by now but I don't and it wears my brain out, plus the exhaustion from working. I can hardly put a sentence together in both English and Spanish at the end of the day.

It is amazing how quickly my emails pile-up with jokes and stuff that gets passed around. Most don't understand about our firewall protection here is not adequate. I have an antivirus program I use regularly but for some reason, after opening up such emails, my computer freezes up. This is a HUGE pain because at present, no one is in Jaco, that I know of, to fix this. So please, don't send me jokes, cutsey stuff, or forward anything someone has forwarded to you. Maybe this seems extreme but you would understand it if you lived my life here.

I am knocked off my computer with the photos and all my stuff so I am limping along right now and getting further behind on my blogging.

One more thing, I have to now monitor any comments you may make because the spammers are targeting me. If you leave a message, please wait for me to approve it and it will be posted. I do enjoy getting feedback, it fuels this blog.

OH WELL, Vote for Cesar - The Dog Whisperer every time you think of it!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your computer issues.

Anonymous said...

oh, and do look into getting Rosetta Stone. It's an awesome program. I have met lots of people that learned Spanish in 6 months with it. I have started and really like the program, and see why it would work!

TICA MACHA said...

I KNOW!! I really do enjoy getting funnies and great photo shots! I'm bumming.

Jennifer said...

ARGH!!! I know the feeling...I've always monitored comments due to spammers and people selling CR wanting free advertising. My puter went to the shop today. You are so right, if you don't live here you can't possibly understand the computing issues we face. I've got a teenager and hubby adding to my computer problems. ARGH. Sending you virtual hugs.

BLOGBloke said...

Hey sweety. Are you able to download and install Skype?

Let me know so I can call and see if I can help you out.


TICA MACHA said...

Good to hear from you Bloke! My computer keeps shutting down so there's no installing Skype on that yet. There are so many things I need and yes, Skype is probably one of them. I need to get with it but you'd probably be the only one that would call me using it. Hope life is treating you good and you are enjoying yourself. Teri

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks Jen, FINALLY someone that can empathize and not get pissed off because I asked not to send stuff. Most people just quit writing when I ask not to forward stuff. That's fine too because they never really "write", they just resend stuff they receive.
THANK YOU for your comment. SEE, I'm not ALONE!!
I truly believe terrorism will strike again and on a personal level by using our computerized technology. Get ready folks. Facebook has way too much power and connections! People already hack into Facebook accounts and get all your addresses!

BLOGBloke said...

How can you still post but not install Skype? (*_*)

1. Have you tried using "System Restore" back to a date before your problem first started?

2. You can use an online Anti-Malware scan to get rid of any bugs you may have:

3. Or you can try to repair Windows:

Try the sfc /scannow trick first, and if that doesn't help then click on the link to the "Elder Geek" for more comprehensive repair instructions.

When you get things working again install these freebies:

SpywareBlaster and SpyBot

They will help to prevent a recurrence by immunizing your system.


TICA MACHA said...

Thanks Bloke. I have Spybot and Error Fix. I did a defrag yesterday after scanning for bugs and it shut down, I can't get it to come back on. Too advanced for my skills. Thanks for you help though, maybe someone else will benefit.

BLOGBloke said...

Don't give up yet. Try booting into Safe Mode by holding down the F8 key:

And run another virus scan.

Or you can also try "Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)" option.

If those fail you can repair Windows. Print out the instructions here:

I know it seems daunting but it really is easy. Give a try sweety. You can do it.


BLOGBloke said...

Oh Crap! I just did search for Error Fix and found out it's a registry repair application.


I always advise to NEVER use these programs and it's quite possible this is the source of your problem.

At this point I'm thinking a recommend

BLOGBloke said...

I got cut off the last comment.

At this stage I'm thinking your Windows installation is probably compromised and needs to be repaired the PROPER way.

If you've tried everything else I suggested earlier, click on this link and follow the directions:

You can do it. We miss you online.


TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for all your recommendations. They will be posted here to help others. For me, I find out today about my computer. Seems I have two programs I paid for not worth a crap,,, Norton AND Error Fix.

Fardin said...

Thank you for posting.
it is really helpful to all.