Sunday, December 20

Surfice Dog

Please take a moment to watch this. It is inspirational and heartwarming.
Thanks to Carol for sending to me.


Edward said...

Awesome and inspirational!

Jennifer said...

OMG Teri!!!!! Freakin' AWESOME! Tears are rolling down my face.
THANK-YOU so much for sharing.

Rebe said...

Thanks, Teri for sharing this video. My hat's is off to Ricki the dog, Patrick the surfer and to the lady who donates her time to training Service Puppys...clearly she demonstrates her compassion and understanding of the spirit and soul of a dog. Bless them all.

Peggy said...

Wow! I'm crying now.

Jacosun Editor said...

Thank you Teri and Carol for passing on such a great story! There's no "crying in baseball" but there is here. (just a little)