Tuesday, November 14

Future Condo Site

Hermosa Beach, near the Pig Farm
I've heard the Costa Rican owner refused to take an very good offer so maybe it will stay like this a little longer. It is Prime Property but money can't buy everything.


Anonymous said...

Are free steaks included in the preconstruction price?

Anonymous said...

"Building, building, building. Keep those condos building. Feed the fire, keep building - fren-zeeee!" Sung to the tune of "Rawhide".

This building frenzy is a game of musical chairs. One we played in Key West and around the states to disastrous results, only now being realized. The music in Costa Rica has already slowed, but the blood pounding in developers' and speculators' ears makes it impossible to hear any sound at all except "cha-ching."

This version of musical chairs is a little different. When the music stops, there will be far more chairs then players. There already are, but current players think the other, newer, flush, expectant players will be along any minute. They won't ever materialize - not in the droves the current players need.

And the giddy excitement will be gone. Replaced by bewilderment.

Love, Little Miss Real Estate Killjoy

Tica Macha said...

SaraTica, You hit the nail on the head. "Build it and they will come", yeah...right.