Thursday, January 4

Meet the new Jose

That would be ME! As you may remember, Jose (my helper for a few years) returned to his country and I have been winging it on my own for a few weeks. Fortunately, the grass doesn't grow as fast since we are in the "dry season" now. I suit up for the job, wearing my boots that usually stay in my car (in case I need to hoof it due to a break-down). One good tug on the already wornout pullcord to start my beloved Weedeater and the cord snapped. My pathetic repair didn't last long (see yellow string).

Today a Tico friend, Oscar, took me and my mower to a neighboring town (Parrita) so it can be repaired. Four years of usage and not much maintenance, a trip to the lawn mower doctor was much needed. I could buy a NEW 6.0 mower for $400 but I like my little mower. I've grown fond of it, especially since I've been the one behind it lately.

And by the way, THIS TICO (Oscar) does do what he says he will, WHEN he says he'll do it. A rare caballero (gentlemen) indeed. They are here (men of their word), you just have to have the good fortune to find them.


Anonymous said...

Glad you saved the $400 for a new lawn mower. Because your laptop is gonna cost almost $300! Sorry, bad drive like I thought.
Gringa Beth.

Anonymous said...

Love the boots though.

TICA MACHA said...

They come in handier than you would think here in the JUNGLE!