Sunday, December 7

2008 Jaco Tope

'Twas a long day and I didn't stay for them to mount up and ride for the "real" tope ("toe-pay"). The fun for me is watching all the horses arrive and their riders getting them suited up for the group horse ride parade. All of the participants pay to enter and are given a numbered card to wear on their back. The proceeds from the event usually go to help someone or something in the community. It's a very old tradition in Costa Rica. One year, I want to be one of those privileged riders.

Waylon's on the tunes here, TURN IT UP! (sorry, but the music cuts off when you go to the comments. That's just the way Blogger is step up but you can minimize this page and listen while you do other things)


Mike said...

Hey Teri
Home Run! The photos in your slide show accompanied by Willie and Waylon singing their great duet does it for me!! Thanks bunches!


TICA MACHA said...

Well, thank you Mike. You were there with me too. Bet if we went back right now (5:00pm), they're all dancing by now!
(but not to this music)
If I'd worn boots instead of flip-flops from the surf competition, I might have stayed longer to just see how it all ended up...
Hope they have more of them.
Esterillos December 13th - Tope.
Don't forget.

Anonymous said...

Dang I don't really want to comment because I'm enjoying the music and slide show so much!

Great shots.

Going back to your post to listen to Waylon, now.

TICA MACHA said...

I like having music with the photos but it's only for the moment. Once I add new posts, it changes the whole line-up with photos and music. Oh well, such is life, moment by moment... always changing.