Saturday, December 20

Children's Christmas Parties

Two shows and two photo storage sites below (Flickr and Slide).
You can click onto orange link to view and download the photos at Flickr.
I put some photos on Slide for the blog so you can look and listen.
Music playing on Teri Tunes is the great Reba with "The Christmas Guest",

Herradura Elementary School

Municipality Garabito/Jaco
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Mike said...

Hey Teri
It's great to see children being happy---Thanks! It looks like this event is getting bigger with more participants. Great Flikr show!

Anonymous said...

Looks like santa was extra busy yesterday. I also spotted him giving gifts away at MaxiBodega and in Esterillos Oeste at the the futball field.

Anonymous said...

And now that I think about it, he was also giving gifts out at the Best Western in Jaco the other day.
It's nice to see so much generosity towards the kids. But I saw the parents doing a lot of comparing and trying to solicit additional gifts for kids not there.

TICA MACHA said...

If there is one positive thing Gringos do around here, it is some do step up and share their wealth and give back to their community. God Bless them.