Saturday, December 13

Blue Moon AND tope

I've always wanted to take full moon shots but last night, I actually did it. It was fun trying to catch the moon lit inbetween the clouds passing, especially since I had the timer on (it snaps 20 seconds later so the clouds have moved). Anticipating the moment is the fun.

It never fails when I see a big full moon like last night...
that Toby Keith's song "Does that Blue Moon" goes off playing in my head. Great song.

There was another Tope in Esterillos Oeste today! It was wild, up on the mountain with the gorgeous beach down below. Lots of photos. Big turn out, too, considering it was not advertised and no directional signs were posted to find it. You just had to know where to go I guess. So it goes.
Pura Vida. Enjoy the picture show with music (Toby Keith).

Slideshow cuts off the vertical format shots so some of the feet are cut off.
Photos are a little fuzzy because they are downsized for faster upload to Slideshow.


Peggy said...

Gasp! That blue moon photo is gorgeous.

Fun slideshow too! I admire you so much - you get out and do things!

katemeri said...

Great photos Teri!!! I didn't make it to the Tope due to too much fun at the Full Moon Party the night before at The LowTide. Your beautiful photos made me feel like I was there.


photoARTworks said...

Great post! Wish I was there with you; for the moon and Tope. Thanks for sharing!

BreeWee said...

Tica Chica!!
I tried to get a moon shot too... turned out a big fat blurry mess! Yours is BEAUTIFUL! I am at the airport now, waiting for my plane to Costa Rica, I hope to bump into you on the beach this week :)

If you see a girl falling off her board because she spent WAY more time racing Ironmans than surfing the past few years that would be me :)


Costa Rica Baby! said...

Great job!!!! Im so impressed!!!