Wednesday, December 24

In Search of Bokeh

I have been trying to capture the effect of Bokeh this Christmas. Bokeh is not a Bohemian name for Santa, it's an effect with light and lens in photography. I've had a very stress-free Christmas so far, making treats like Rompope and chocolate covered goodies for my friends. The recipe for Rompope (eggnog) is here: Melekalilimaka Here's hoping your Christmas is filled with magic. postscript....the Slideshow I originally posted is now defunked, so was the link above to Bokeh,,, jeeees! (date corrected and referenced - Dec.15, 2012)now it's not doing hard returns,,,,, go figure.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas,
Beth & Jack.

Mike said...

Hey Teri
Glad you're here, making people happy with your beauty of soul and your heart of gold. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Mike, Evan and Joey

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Merry Christmas!!! Love the blown out lights!

And yes Mike...we are very lucky to have Teri here. :)

TICA MACHA said...

Bokeh is more than blown out lights, it's looking at something and seeing more to it than meets the eye. Hoping your Christmas was Bokeh!