Sunday, June 14

Day for Fathers

You don't hear me say much about my dad on my blog. I guess after almost 20 years, it's still too sensitive for me to mention much. He is with me everyday in my heart and soul. It is his voice I hear warning me "don't trust no s.o.b.", "be independent", "get a good education" (a lifelong deal for me), and remember "no one will ever love you like your daddy". He was right. My dad was the one that taught me to drive a car, bait a hook with a cricket, take a fish off that same hook, operate his Glasstream bass tournament fishing boat, to bluff when playing Black Jack (I learned to count, too), mind my manners, act like a lady but be a tomboy, how to tell time, put together model cars,,, and this all started at about age six. He and my mom parted ways when I was three years old. He was in a bad car accident and was in the hospital for nine months after he hit a tree and went through the windshield. He called it "pickin' pecans with a Buick". I didn't see my dad again until I started spending my summers and Christmas with him at age six. He was Santa, a good Samaratan, hardworking, salt of the earth kind of guy. He called me "Blow-blow", "Blow" for short cause when the summer came and I was with my dad, all we did was blow and go, blow money that is,,,, mostly on the Miracle Strip at Panama City Beach. There was nothing my dad wouldn't do for me. I thought we were rich and I felt like a princess. At Christmas, we would go shopping and I would buy all sorts of things I liked. I'd wrap them and then he would pick out the ones that were going to the Salvation Army. I never knew what I was getting or giving but I picked out everything and wrapped it. I don't think he knew either. We'd load up the presents, drive to the Salvation Army house, I'd get out, run to the door and deposit the gifts and ring the bell. Then, off we'd drive. He taught me about anonymous charitable giving and how to give away things you'd really like to keep for yourself. He always had money in his pocket to give to little kids on the street or back on the farmlands. We'd always go for a long Sunday drive and I learned to drive a La Sabre Buick at age six, sitting on his lap.
I could go on for days about my dad, he was and always will be, my hero. To all you fathers out there, I hope your daughters and sons feel as blessed as I do.
My dad would NEVER believe I live in Costa Rica, permanently. When I moved to "Ha Why Ya" (Hawaii), he couldn't understand why I had to "leave the country". When funds got short, I asked him to send some money and all he said was "I'll send you $50 or a plane ticket home". I took the fifty and stayed awhile in Hawaii, never asking for money again. For all the money he did loan me over the course of my adult life, he always told me when I'd pay him back, "you're only paying yourself". I really didn't have a clue what he was talking about until after he died. There it was, an account in only my name and in it was all the money (plus interest) that I had ever borrowed from my dad. Not many men like my good ole dad.
Miss ya still, Blow.

On TeriTunes: "He Stopped Loving Her Today" - George Jones
This was one of my dad's favorite songs. My dad never remarried and I never saw him with a girlfriend. He outlived my mother by just a little but he never stopped loving her. I'd play this on the jukebox for him, if I could again. This will have to do.


katemeri said...

What a nice tribute to your Dad!

Anonymous said...

You made me cry, you B!
The lady/tomboy thing is still working for you.
Hope your Dad caught this post. He'll be proud.
Welcome back...

TICA MACHA said...

It's a "pre-Father's Day" post,,, I thought Father's Day was yesterday.
I never know what holidays are what anymore with CR celebrating the same holidays on different days or just DIFFERENT holidays entirely. They do celebrate Father's Day and it's on the same day as in the U.S. (unlike Mother's Day which is an entirely different month).
It's one of my "Stupid Macha Tricks". You know what I mean, don't you Beth? I had a few people here thinking they'd missed Father's Day and they were like a house afire, trying to make up for forgetting. Too funny. I got a good laugh hearing the story.
Beth, I have to admit, I kept a stiff upper lip writing about my dad....until I added tear jerking George Jones. THAT made me cry. My dad really did love my mom.
Some days, one just needs to purge. Why wait till "that day". What better place than my own universal an untimely fashion.
As my dad, would say, "stay ahead of the game".

BreeWee said...

Oh man, this made me cry too... love it, what a great man that seems to have taught you a lot about life... GOOD!
Have a happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

June 14 is Flag Day, Also my B-day. That is how I remember it. Teri this has to be one of your best post's. Daughters are special, Daughters you protect as much as you can. You help without spoiling, and give without regret. Why? Because thats our job. Thank you for sharing the effect that one father had on a very special daughter.

wolfie_cr said...

That story about the 'secret bank account' was cool

Thanks for sharing :)