Thursday, June 18


Like I don't have enough to do,,, but I've started doing this new little project. It's adding postcards to my personal collection from others from all over the world, with stamps. I found it at and started sending out cards to "perfectly unknown strangers". It's cool. Is it the years we live that make us realize how small the world really is or is it I'm in a foreign country and want to connect with the outside world? I received my first postcard today from a nice lady in Norway. It had the coolest photo of a man standing on a rock and the rock suspended in air, squished between two HUGE rock formations. Water below. Do you know that site? www.wherethehellismatt was at that location dancing on that same rock, it's on his dancing tour video. Maybe that was what planted the seed, seeing Matt dance all over the world. I have a photographer friend traveling now and photographing for pay....what a life!

I've met lots of people through my blog. In fact today, I met a newcomer to Jaco that has been reading my blog. It still surprises me. I plan to collect all the postcards and use them for educational purposes for the schools around here. I'll put them to good use somehow but in the meantime, I'm waiting for my next postcard!

postscript: O.k. I watched Matt's 2008 video again to see that rock and it's not on "that" video. It must be on an earlier one. Yo-yo (you're on your own to search for it). I'll probably keep searching because what Matt did, is incredible and I enjoy watching the world flash by and seeing people happy. I wonder what he's doing now???
(he has a girlfriend now and sticks close to home, or so I read awhile back)

Isn't this too cool. It's a postcard posted on Postcrossing from a postcrosser in Costa Rica!
Send postcards!
Tica Macha
Apdo. 325-4023
Jaco, Costa Rica


Raghav said...

I'm so Glad you are enjoying postcrossing.
I also like the fact that you wish to use your postcards for such a noble purpose!
Happy postcrossing!

By the way, I just jumped back into the blog world with my new blog.
Tell me how it is!

TICA MACHA said...

I went to your site but was unable to comment. Looks like you have just one post but you did have old YO-YO there in your blogroll and I thank you for that!! Keep posting, on blogs and postcards!