Friday, June 26

Farrah's Story

I'm watching it now on NBC (I just discovered we have NBC back). What a beautiful thing a beautiful person did. Document her journey through cancer treatment and make it public for all to see "the other side". My mother and husband died of cancer and not once did I ever think of documenting the process.
A smart and amazing lady.
Thank you Farrah for Farrah's Story. I'll surely miss ya.

If you've never seen "Poor Little Rich Girl - The Barbara Hutton Story" starring Farrah, you must. I watched it after my husband died and before coming to Costa Rica. Now, living here, I feel a little like her character in the movie except with a whole lot less money, hoping I don't outlive my funds (and friends).

TeriTunes is back on. I thought it fitting for Michael to sing for Farrah's post.
Playing now, Michael Jackson - Gone to Soon


BreeWee said...

I loved her too, my mom grew us girls up on her, she was a wonderful woman and role model... we sure could use more like her for this next generation to admire.

Talked to Zet today, he said your waves are huge and a big contest is on the way... fingers crossed you get time to watch the fun :)

Enjoy REALLY ENJOY your weekend!

TICA MACHA said...

Her show was just incredible. Hard to watch, cried a few times.
It's always good to hear from you, especially about OUR waves. I have had dog problems and busy life stuff and haven't been out there to check out the waves other than passing by walking with my dogs. NOW I have to go see what's going on WITH my camera!

TICA MACHA said...

Check out this blog Bree: