Monday, June 22

Ama Tierra Retreat

Last Saturday, early in the morning, three groups of women loaded up in cars and headed up the mountain, WAY UP the mountain, to visit Ama Tierra Retreat and Wellness Center for the day. It was a great experience, including the drive there. The owner of the resort, Jill, presented to our women's group the benefits of herbs last week so most of my photos are of the herbal plants so I can remember what's what. At the retreat, I did my first yoga class, we hiked through the jungle lead by two experts pointing out plants and trees along the way, had a wonderful lunch and I played the piano, first time in 20 years! Some ladies received massages, manicures and pedicures. Pamper yourself time. It was all a very moving experience and I encourage everyone to visit. Ama Tierre is nestling in the mountains in a most magical setting.

I came away with a sense of peace, balance, and harmony and plan to return,,,, soon!
Here are the photos:

This week will be spent on my gratitude list and getting centered again. Last week was hell week, losing things, forgetting things and just plain ole scatter brained. I really needed this little retreat excursion to get back on track.
You can visit their site at

I have provided the driving directions from both the San Jose and Jaco area in the comments section of this post.


Raghav said...

Those photos are really beautiful!
I wish to see some good scenic beauty like that. I've seen it lots of times right here in India, but the last time was a couple of years ago.

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But I need the XML skins so that I can customise the blog.
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TICA MACHA said...

I only had a 85mm lens and an instamatic that the batteries died, so I was limited with the photos I took. I want to go back!!
Good luck with your blog. It takes awhile to get the kinks out. Teri

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks heavenly!

TICA MACHA said...

Directions from both directions....

AmaTierra, Costa Rica
From San Jose or Juan Santamaria Airport, take the road to Ciudad Colon. Once you're in Ciudad Colon, look out for a sign saying "no hay paso" that means you're going on to a one way street.

Instead turn right at the gas station and then left at the next street and you will see a green AmaTierra sign up high (on a car wash building) stating you are 35 KM from the Hotel. Go to the top of the hill thru the town of Cuidad Colon and turn left before the dirt road. You will see a University of La Paz (Peace) sign on the left. Make sure you follow the road out of town (do not turn right to the U. of Peace), but veer right towards Puriscal and Turubari Park.

After about 20 minutes, you will arrive in Puriscal. About 300 meters past the gas station on the right, you will see a sign for Turrubari - turn left in front of the Red Cross/ICE building. Follow about 3 blocks past the church, and just after the stop light you MUST turn right and then you will follow the signs to Amatierra/Turubari Park. The Hotel is located 17KM or 20 minutes once you leave Puriscal. We are on the right side of the road 2KM before San Pablo and you will see several Green AmaTierra signs to let you know you are close....Always know that if you follow the signs to Turrubari Park that you are on the right track...

It is easy to find and the road is paved the entire way - simply look for the long bamboo fence and wooden gate. If the gate is closed, just honk and the guard will open the gate.

From the Pacific Coast or North - look in your map for a city called Orotina, west of San Jose. From Orotina, ignore signs for "Jaco" and take the road straight, leading to San Pablo de Turrubares (known simply as "San Pablo" or "Turrubares"). You can also follow signs to "Turubari" which is a park on the way to the hotel. About five minutes from Orotina, on the road to Turrubares, you will cross a suspended bridge (don't worry, the bridge is safe). Continue on that road for about 25 to 30 minutes, past Turubari Park heading towards San Pablo. Before you get to the town of San Pablo, you will see a soda (resturant) called Francini's. You will see the green AmaTierra sign, turn right and then another sharp right. Go 2 km more and see the hotel on your left hand side. It is easy to find - simply look for the long bamboo and living tree fence and wooden gate. If the gate is closed, simply honk and the guard will open the gate. On your way from Orotina, always stay on the main road, and when in doubt, look for small signs for "Turubari" or the hotel. Either way, when you pass Turubari Park you are about 15 minutes from the hotel. Drive safely.