Wednesday, October 31

Living Large

To me, someone that does everything myself, this is a real treat having the two surfers (Pelingo and Harry) set up my "office". How sweet! We had a little flash flood while I was taking photos and I had to run for cover. I went straight for the restaurant nearby and sat down for a "cafesito" (little coffee). The guys in the photo were setting it all up again for me after the rain. They know how long it takes me to do it!
I've been playing with the settings on my camera so I had everything all screwed up with the exposures today. I did manage somehow to get some decent photos of them surfing. I'm still working out the kinks with the camera (it's too smart).
I just love the "special" treatment from the surfers!

Harry lost his board to "Brok'in da Board Beach". That's what I named it years ago because I would always see guys walking (head hung low) with two pieces of a surfboard. IT IS ROUGH out there and one's surfing experience can be over in a split second. This is Harry's last day here and he returns to Brazil tomorrow. Sorry 'bout your board Harry.
Next time.

Today's surf photos are HERE.

Happy Halloween


Anonymous said...

OMG! As to poor Harry, I guess it's better that it happened your LAST day.
And to la Macha, it's about time you got the princess treatment you deserve. Great shots! Your pics get better all the time.

Tica Macha said...

I'm having a blast but sure hated seeing half of Harry's board come to shore. I ran out to get it and left my beloved Hubble "unattended". I know that sinking feeling. What can you do? I took his photo.

Anonymous said...

Love you photos. And how fun to photo young guys in low-slung bathing suits...