Tuesday, October 31


Ya just never know living here.
It's "trick or treat" three-hundred and sixty-five
days a year for a foreigner here! (Just joking, not)

Seriously, Costa Ricans really don't celebrate Halloween. They honor the first day of November as All Saints Day and "All Souls Day" on the second day. The whole country is Catholic and this three days of "All Hallow' Eve" , Mass, and visiting the dead is their "Halloween" (Hallow Tide). The first day of November is for the Saints not recognized and the second is for sinners in purgatory. It's a time to take flowers to the graves. Totally different deal here. No wonder the Costa Rican kids are catching on to the North American trick or treat thing, CANDY!
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Google "All Saints Day Costa Rica" too.
(When did Google become a verb?? When "GOOG" stock passed over 350 the first time?)

Jaco Hell Tonight will be a whole different sort of "trick or treat".
I saw on CBS news that the most popular costumes in the States are
HOT, HOT, HOT!.....Sizzle, steamy, down-right S-E-X-Y!
Jaco looks like that on most nights with the outfits "the working girls" wear.
How will the guys tell the difference tonight....


No, that is not me and I did not take that photo.
Just trying to scare you. BOO! and Happy Halloween!

Post script: My electrician, Marco (affectionately known as my "Ticopedia"), informs me that there is NO Mass on Nov. 1st in Costa Rica for the Saints and the 2nd day is the big day for the dead. Flowers on the graves.

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