Tuesday, February 6

Delusional Illusions

"Peace and Harmony", it's just an illusion.
Here I was concerned about my dogs fighting with other dogs. This morning I had the biggest dog fight I have ever seen and it was between my own two dogs! Mela (the very meek one that gets picked on by Max, the bully) ATTACKED Macha (my precious one). I heard the screaming and before I could get out to them, Mela had already drawn blood and it was everywhere. Especially all over Macha's face and Mela's mouth.
I was totally horrified.

I got the bleeding to stop and called the vet. He wouldn't be in for another hour so I calmed my Macha and tried to keep pressure on the wounds around her eyes.
What do parents do when they have grown boys that fight with each other, with fists? This was a knock-down brawl between my two sweetest dogs.(?) The other two, which I consider the Alphas and are more ficious, stayed out of fight.
What to do...
There are always solutions, compromises, or whatever and I am working on finding them.
Peace and Pura Vida.


Anonymous said...

Hal (oops: Xavier) says they fight one big fight, the ruler is decided, then that's it. I don't know... time will tell. Maybe this is universe's way of saying "take the dogs out of the Brett equation"... I like thinking love conquers all. Silly wabbit that I am. Big hug to you. A dogfight can be scary enough without it being your dogs being the violent ones!!!

TICA MACHA said...

Since the big brawl, they are all friends and Mela is even comforting Macha by licking her scarred up face. Maybe Macha will be getting plastic surgery before I do! Mela has always been the underdog, catching hell from all three of the other dogs. I guess yesterday, she had had enough and flexed her muscles on Macha. I think your hubbyX is right and it's over.

TICA MACHA said...

FYI, I found the solution (4 years later). I have a friend that is helping me with my dogs and his pit bull is teaching my dogs how to react around other dogs. We all walk the beach together and each day it gets better and better!!!!