Tuesday, April 3

The Final Bloody Battle

I was told that the most dominant dog is established when they fight. I am hoping this is Macha's and Mela's last fight. Each time, it has been increasingly more violent and dramatic. Today, it was just over the top.
I could not separate them and I was shooting water up their nose with the garden hose, yelling bloody murder the whole time.
They were locked up, "going for the jugglers".
All this was over an iguana escaping up the tree.

After about five minutes, they finally conceded. I guess the one with the most stitches is the loser. That would be Macha, the "dirty" blonde one. I think the Vet sutured three or four deep wounds on her. Macha is covered on her face, neck, and front legs with bites. Mela had one stitch, some slashes under her neck, and more than a few bite marks. From what I witnessed, they both were a match for each other and neither would "say uncle".
Just horrible.

What is EVEN MORE disturbing is that NO ONE came to see what was happening. Here I am, screaming at the top of my lungs and NOT ONE SOUL asked if everything was o.k. It is not only heartbreaking to have two sister dogs fighting but the totally apathetic reaction of my neighbors (two different businesses on both sides, many men) well...., is inconceivable to me.


Jen said...

I am so sorry about the dogs (I know you love them) even more about the neighbors being disinterested. What if YOU were being mauled?

Bob said...

....unfortunately, maybe it's time to send one dog to another finca or rancho? (to prevent the eventual loss or crippling of both dogs).....Tough choice, no doubt.

TICA MACHA said...

Trying to get them separated, I was almost right in the middle. It was pretty freightening. Never have I had dogs that fight! Mela was always picked on when she was younger. Now, I guess she's showing them who's top dog now. Macha is small but mighty. I've also been walking all of them everyday. Boy, am I getting in shape!! I was on Spanish t.v. news walking Max on the Jaco beach. The Red Cross was filming safety precautions and rescue operations at the beach. I never knew I was on the clip until a friend called to tell me.

TICA MACHA said...

I've looked into finding a home for Mela but it is difficult to let her go at age 2. She is my boom-a-rang dog. I tried giving her away twice when she was a puppy but both homes didn't work out. She really is my best dog as far as obedience. I can't choose. I separate them when I leave now.