Thursday, August 24

"Con Toda La Pata"

You don't hear this much in Costa Rica anymore.
It means "I have it all" and the ole timer Ticos still use it.
Now, everyone says - "Pura Vida" (pure life) or
"Que Mae" (what's up). I personally, wish they still
used the Con Toda La Pata - it really says it all.
They also use "Tuanis" as a greeting, but not often.
I never hear Con Toda la Pata but every Tico still remembers.

There is something very amazing about Costa Rica.
Here, you realize Less is More. Material things
are nice but here you learn to appreciate the necessities
of life. When I first arrived, all I saw was what "wasn't"
here. Now, I am grateful for What Is! I have found that
I don't need the things I "needed" in the States. I've lived
here without water, electric, phone, hot water, washer, dishwasher,
ice maker, microwave, air-conditioner, a vehicle,
......and the list goes on and on.
Living without the electric and water should go under a separate post
about Buyer Beware.
You will never go hungry here. Fruits and fish are plentiful and everywhere.
Beans and rice are cheap. It's cheaper to eat at the local sodas
(restaurants) than cook at home.
Homeless?, well you can still sleep
in a box on the beach, it's not illegal here.
Not exactly the retirement home I had in mind
but at least I know here, I will be able to afford my medical care
and my living expenses. Property taxes are next to nothing.

Some days, I just gaze out at the ocean on one side of my house
and the mountains on the other side, listen to the birds,
and I know, con toda la pata.

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