Tuesday, August 29

La Farmacia

I love my Pharmacist. He always greets me with a big smile and is eager to help. He even told me about the 10% discount card they have for their customers. I see him at least once a month to get my meds for hormones. You don't need a prescription and they are about a third the cost in the States.
I'm always amazed at what other people are buying. Today, a guy had five BIG boxes of "Oxa-Forte" (a pretty strong pain med). You can get just about anything you want if you know how to ask for it. Once I had back-pain so bad, I went to the pharmacist for help and he took me to the back office for a shot in the bum. I didn't think they could do that but I was so grateful. I had immediate relief. Come to find out, there are a lot of "pill heads" here that depend on the pharmacy. It's totally legal. They sell many drugs over-the-counter here that would require a prescription to buy in the States. This is a tourist town so their top seller is still Viagra.

My drug is chocolate. The other day, I was at the local grocery getting my supplies when I saw these Snicker bars with almonds at the check-out. First time I've seen them in Costa Rica. I was so excited, I walked out without my groceries, just the Snicker bar. I was eating it in my car in a deep euphoria when the check-out girl brought my bags out to me. She laughed. I blushed.
I'm an addict for chocolate.
They sell Snickers with almonds at the pharmacy now, too.

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