Saturday, August 19

A Man and His Machete

In Costa Rica, a REAL Tico
knows how to use a machete.
It was one of the first things I noticed
living here.
It was like being in the Wild, Wild West
only their gun holster, "cubierta",
carries their "lima" (tool used for sharpening).

Most guys hold their machete ("cuchillo")
in their hand when walking.
Those Ticos stay ready.
Others wear it holstered,
swinging freely beside their leg.

Here's a photo of a typical
'Trabajador' (where I live)
sharpening his machete.
Long pants, cut-off or rolled sleeves,
boots for snakes, a hat for the sun
and a bandanna for wrist support.
Some even sport another scarf
tied around their neck, usually red.
They like red.

I've even taken to gardening with my own machete,
it's easier than pulling weeds!
Gardening can be overwhelming during the rainy season.
I can just watch my grass grow
and the birds deliver special "droppings"
...that sprout up EVERYTHING.
I use Costa Rica's "Rambo" - it's like Round-Up in the U.S.
Kills Great!

...A week later, all I have to do is chop
dead weeds
and keep my machete sharp.
(I still use my Dad's old sharpening stone I brought with me)

Who needs power tools...
A man and his machete can chop down a tree, skin a wild boar, fine-trim a hedge, build a house.... just about anything that needs doing
'down here in the jungle'.


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