Monday, August 28

Granny, get your gun!

If I didn't fear prison here or dying and going to Hell, I'd become a vigilante! I've lived here long enough to be sick and tired of getting robbed and hearing about others being robbed. Nothing is sacred. Even the churches have security bars and the cemeteries have walls and locks on the gates. Give me a break! Me and my boys, Smith and Wesson, would hide out in the back of the car and wait for the "rats" (robbers) to come... they will. One shot and that would teach them a little respect (and some fear).
Barely no one gets caught for robbing by the police. This town is a beach town, so we're easy pickings for the professionals that come from "Chepe" (San Jose).
For the bolder rats that come into your house, with you in there, well.... "we'll let the alligators do the rest".
(Song by Hank Williams, Jr., Simple Man)
Bocephus, I think it's the same everywhere.

A Gringo shoots a Tico here?, YOU WILL GO TO JAIL, regardless. We (Gringos) are not allowed a gun unless you get a special permit. This is a peace loving country (no army) and the President has declared he is "chopping up armory" that penetrates bullet proof vests. Only bank guards (and the like) are allowed to have them. Even the Police are not allowed these "killing" guns.
(See Tico Times newspaper about a month ago)

You know what they say, "when guns are outlawed...."
Now, mind you, most of the thefts are non-confrontational and they steal petty stuff but enough is enough. You can't take your eyes off your stuff for one minute when you're out. I drape my purse strap over my knee (if I carry one at all) while sitting at a restaurant. Too many of my friends have had theirs stolen right under their noses. When at the beach, I put my car keys in my shorts pocket so hopefully, I will at least have a way home and the keys to get inside my property. I was robbed at the beach and it did pay off. They didn't take my shorts, just my beach bag with my new MP3 player. I even saw the girls that did it but I was too far away (in the ocean). You just can't be too careful.
As a general rule, "don't trust anyone." Sad, but true. I didn't believe it either, at first.

People wonder why I have so many dogs. I've heard it SO many times, "you have too many dogs". I have too many dogs for a good reason.
They hurt my dogs...that's when my buddies, Smith and Wesson come out to play hard ball. Get ready Crocs!

Just so you know.......
I love my dogs but they are my security, too. Before the fence around my house, before the puppies were born, my car was robbed right outside my house. It was parked in front of the living room window, under the outside security light. My Brindy (pit bull) was inside the house barking wildly and trying to go through the window to get to the guy. I DID NOT let her outside for fear the guy would hurt her or she would chase him and get hit by a car. I love my dogs and a car, well, it's just a car. I can replace my stereo and Cd's but not my Brindy Girl. I think that guy knew I wouldn't sic the dog on him!


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