Wednesday, August 30

Construction in Costa Rica

OSHA would have a field day here.
No hardhats.
No steel-toed boots.
No Safety Meetings.
Pretty much, unregulated period.
I just renovated my house so I have no idea of the horrors of NEW construction. I do know it's common for "el trabajador" to show up for work in flip-flops and a back-pack with his lunch.
They take lunch seriously. In mid-swing, promptly at 12:00, they will put down the hammer and take their lunch time. Expect them to eat and sleep. In this brutal, coastal Costa Rica sun, I'm surprised they can make it 'till noon!
Then they're back to work until 5:00 (or later).
Some take 15 minute breaks at 10 and 2pm.
They put in 10 hour days.
They, meaning Nicaraguans and some Ticos.
The pay is about a buck-fifty an hour.

There are four houses being built on the mountain right in front
of my house, right now. A year ago, they built a spec house and it sold fast. The buyer had no clue about "Buyer Beware". He didn't even know where his property line was! The new houses are being built next to his postage-stamp size property. He returned back to the U.S. He reason for leaving was "because of the rain".
It hasn't even started raining yet. That's in Sept/Oct.
I guess he couldn't take the construction going on around him.
Everytime I see a dumptruck pull that mountain bringing more materials
for fill, I just hear, cha-ching for someone! It's hard to build on a mountain with the rain we get here.

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