Saturday, August 19


Great line - Colonel Jessep, A Few Good Men.

So you think you may want to move to
beautiful, lush Costa Rica?
It takes a brave soul to "Sell off and
Sail Away" to a place you never LIVED...

Visiting here is NOTHING, and I repeat,
Nothing like living here.

I think after living here 2 years,
one is not considered a Rookie
but not a Vet yet.
After 5 years, you show some tenacity
and (hopefully) gain the local respect
You're a Veteran.
You deserve some sort of special Medal.
Chances are, you'll stay here forever.

Some days, I still feel like Dorothy in Oz,
clicking my heels like hell to get "home".
I'm going on my fifth year soon.

I don't get this "ex-pat" status us gringos have here.
I'm not in exile - I'm a North American (from the South) in paradise.


April said...

Hola! I have just read from your latest post down to here and must say I'm very appreciative of your blog. It's been very informative and enlightening and a joy to read.

I had to comment about the ex-pat label. We're planning on moving to CR within the next year and I've been bothered by the ex pat label. I won't be an expat. I'll be a North American living in CR.

April Dawn

TICA MACHA said...

Well thank you very much April. I am so pleased you found it informative. I try hard to not be "negative" cause it's not all what it's hyped-up to be. Besides, everyones reality is different.
Good luck with your move here. You'll have your own experiences to share. Teri