Wednesday, December 27

April Fools in December

"Innocent's Day" it is called and it is tomorrow (December 28th).
Ever hear of it? I googled it and nothing but according to this
week's issue of The Tico Times (the last issue this year), Costa Rica
recognizes this day with the typical pranks of April Fool's Day.
Coins glued to the ground, you know, trucos (tricks).

The Tico Times did a "Year in Review" and one part was
"No Shortage of Weird, Wonderful News in 2006".
The title - "Giant Pothole Swallowed Taxi"
"A taxi driver suffered only minor injuries when the Isuzu Trooper he was driving plunged into an unmarked, two meter deep by three-meter side pothole near Nicoya, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, in late February.
The Tropper had to be removed with a crane."

For those of us living and driving here, we know this is no joke but can laugh at it anyway cause it could of been one of us. We also know the auto repair business (suspension, brakes, clutch, tires, etc.) is a great business here in "Potholes to Paradise".
"Potholes to Paradise" is an excellent book written by Tess Borner. I am reading it now. Although it was published in 2001, it is not outdated and most of her writings still apply. Suggested reading for those living or wanting to live in "Paradise".
There are plenty of trucos, EVERY DAY of the year. Pura Vida.

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