Saturday, December 30

Black Beans and Rice

For my dinner, the last day before the last day of the year,
I decided to have the comfort food of Costa Rica - Black Beans and Rice.
Ask anyone over 30 years old from Costa Rica and they will tell you they
grew up eating black beans and rice and not much else. In general, people
here don't live in the same poverty as years passed but still they eat
beans and rice.
I made my beans and rice for my Gallo Pinto tomorrow. You have to
use rice cooked the night before. It's a ritual here and basically
it is the same procedure regardless of who makes it. It's only eaten for breakfast.
You need a Costa Rican to teach you. I call mine "Gringa" Gallo Pinto because
it's never exactly like I get in the Tico restaurants. Pura Vida.
My mother dog (from Florida) won't touch the stuff but her offsprings (sired by neighboring Tico dogs) wolf it up. I think it's good for them, protein.
I couldn't help but think while eating my beans and rice (with jelled cranberry
on the side and buttered bread), I am so fortunate to have realized my dream.
I could have anything I want for supper (within reason) but
I'd rather have this for my comfort food and remember where I am.
(Chocolate covered brownie for dessert)
I will be on a quest for collard (or turnip) greens tomorrow.
I have never seen black-eyed peas sold here so I brought some back
when I visited the States.
I don't want to jinx myself by skipping my Southern traditions.
(click here if you don't know what I'm talking about)

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Tim said...

Tica: I have a knock-out recipe for what I call "Screamin' Greens. Let me know if you'd like me to send it.