Tuesday, December 5


This past Saturday, we had a Tope at Hermosa Beach. Hundreds of horses were transported here for this event from all over Costa Rica. It was absolutely spectacular to see so many gorgeous horses.
They all gathered at the Pig Farm in Hermosa. It was truly a beautiful sight to see so many horses riding down the beach in Hermosa. A dream come true for me to witness.
I've read that the annual Tope the day after Christmas in San Jose is cancelled this year. See this article in a.m.costarica. Please tell me this isn't true.
Here are some photos from the Tope at Hermosa Beach. Of course, Blogger is giving me a fit with posting photos so if you go to THIS SITE, you can view ALL the photos I took. The easiest way to view them is "Slide show"
You can click onto the photos here to enlarge. Use the back arrow (upper left) to get back to this page.


Jen said...

The annual festival in San Ramon begins on Thursday with the tope on Sunday. We're planning to go if you want to come up we've got a spare bed.

I believe the HUGE festival in Palmares, supposed to be bigger than the on in San Jose begins Jan 18th.

TICA MACHA said...

Do you know if the Tope in San Jose is on for the day after Christmas? I'd love to go on Sunday. I'll have to get out my map. Thanks for the invite but it could only be a day trip for photos. Please keep me posted about upcoming events. I usually find out "after the fact". Teri