Friday, December 15

Christmas Party Donation Drive for the Children

It's that time of year again and this is our second annual fund drive to help the children of Jaco area. We have the support of the Women's Center here in Jaco at the Municipal and since they are not allowed to ask for contributions, a couple of us Gringas have been going around town asking for donations. My friend, Trish, made a trip to Panama recently to buy some gifts for the kids (things are cheaper there). The party is next Friday and if you live in this area, please consider helping by contributing to the Officina de la Mujer (643-3500) located at the Municipal. Toys, clothes, food are needed year round. These are children (64 kids this year) from abusive homes, typically, living without the support of their fathers. These mothers need our help, please give generously.
Every child will receive a wrapped gift (value $10) plus we will have a party with a decorated tree, hopefully a Santa (any volunteers?), cake, cokes/juice, games and busting the Santa pinata (one pinata for the big kids and one for the little ones). They will also receive a Care Package with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and useful items. Next year, we hope to raise enough money for food packages as well.
Last year was a good time for all. The mothers gathered in a separate room and did glass painting projects while the children had their party. Everyone was involved when it came time to open the gifts. We are hoping this year will be even more successful especially with the support of our community. There are needy children all over the world, don't forget to give from your heart.
Click here to see more photos from last year's party.

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Anonymous said...

What a GREAT Holidah chance to give something back to our communities that are so gracious to welcome us gringos year-round. To anyone else who is viewing, PLEASE GIVE. Thanks, Teri, for giving from your reresent us gringos nicely....
Gringa estupida, Beth.