Friday, December 29

The Fat Lady Sings on Wall Street - 2006

It's almost the LAST closing bell for a record setting year on Wall Street. It was a rollercoaster year of trading with the Dow setting an all time high, gasoline prices spiking, housing market slumping, back-dating options scandals, and a slew of other perils. I made it through unscathed and managed to have a nice little profit. That's no small feat considering I live in Never Neverland and between ICE (electric) and the Cable Tica (internet), it's a wonder I made anything. ICE has been replacing the wooden poles with concrete ones. Never a warning that there will be no electric for hours. As far as Cable Tica, I've heard they are replacing the internet cables "underwater" so somedays, no internet. It could be RACSA. It takes both to access cyberspace here... AND ELECTRIC (I need CNBC). Pura Vida, Trading in Paradise.

Due to the fact that Costa Rica has taught me to wait, I rode United Health (UNH) all the way down (options scandal) and all the way up again. I finally bailed out of my holdings today with only a $24 loss (including commissions) after having been down over $900 back in the summer. I jumped off Garmin (GRMN) today with a $150 profit on the 15 shares I bought when it slumped to $45. just last month. The going looked good today so I got out. Rarely can you make that kind of profit on a measly 15 shares.

Pretty much, I am starting the new year liquid and will be waiting for just the right time to jump back in.
I still have other holdings in my portfolio but for them, the waiting game continues. No more trading for this year. The market will not reopen until Wednesday due to Tuesday being recognized as the official day of mourning for the recent death of President Ford.

Thank you Costa Rica for teaching me patience. Now, I can sit back on the beach and continue eating my bon-bons. (That's a joke to all those back home that think that's all I do. It's really grapes, not bon-bons.)


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