Thursday, December 7

Liberation Day for the Turtles

Right now, well at around 7 a.m. every morning, they are releasing baby turtles. Some friends encouraged me to take a visit out at the Minae Turtle Refuge in Hermosa and check it out. If you've never witnessed the little ones being released to the ocean, it is something to see. They immediately head for the water, all the while getting washed back to shore. It's quite a struggle for them to be swim freely. My guide, Marco, said maybe 1% survive. I hope I didn't understand him correctly.
There have beds of turtle eggs and each day this time of year, they release the ones that hatch. It's a big part of the teams rescue effort to save the turtles from their predators before and after they have hatched.
I'll be returning for more info on the life cycles of the turtles and of course, more photos.
to see more photos posted on Flickr.

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