Friday, January 11

Sodas in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, a soda is typically a family owned restaurant and sells typical Tico food. It's their version of fast food. Every soda offers a casado. It's a meal consisting of a meat (chicken, beef, pork, or fish), rice and beans (always) and other stuff on the side like fried plantains, boiled egg, shredded cabbage, sometimes mashed potatoes (yes, with the rice), a sliced tomato... whatever they have on hand and what's in season. "Casado" is also associated with marriage (casar - to marry). To be imprisoned is a similar word so they must associate eating good with being married and married to being in prison. The Spanish word for wives is esposas but "handcuff" translated to Spanish is esposas, too. It's all connected somehow. Regardless, every soda in Costa Rica serves casados.

In Jaco, I have watched while many sodas are being torn down. The land is more valuable than the business, I guess. These photos were taken in Orotina. This soda is next to the central park. It is very typical for there to be many sodas in the center of town. Usually, it's the walk-in and sit down restaurant style but many (as in photo), just offer a seat at the counter. Many sodas still cook their beans on an open fire out in the back. Of course, the kitchen is open air with the only cooling system being a fan and 'maybe' a heat exhaust over the gas burners used for cooking. It's also common for these sodas to have a common place outside for all to wash their hands. Just the basics, sink and water.
Notice that this soda in Orotina charges c1000 for a casado and a drink. That's about two bucks.
You can't beat that for a real meal!

In Costa Rica, they add "ito" or "ita" (male or female) to words to make them cute-sy or imply that it is small. I wonder if "Sodita" is a word? (so-dee-tah)
That's what I would call the "sit at the counter" sodas since they are so small (and quaint).


BreeWee said...

Oh those photos... I just get flooded with memories of Costa!! Little, small, somewhat dirty Jaco!

TICA MACHA said...

Jaco would surprise you now. We even have recycle bins everywhere. Problem is, people put all the trash in them but the streets are cleaner.

Markitos said...

Now I'm hungry.... I'm only 5'9' my Amigos are like 5'4. I dont know how the heck I got nicknamed Mark"itos". I always seam so big when I'm hanging with them.

TICA MACHA said...

Markitos, that's cute.
Sounds like you're well liked.
I'm 5'6" and I'm Gringa Grande to them.

Keith said...

Last trip we ate at the tipico Jaco on the costanera, wow one of the best I think. Tipico Beto was awesome until they sold it that was near Esterillos. Can't wait to get back!!