Saturday, January 12

The Iguana Tease

This is the same iguana that I photographed yesterday (photos below) except today, he is on the other side of the yard, hanging out on top of the fence post, basking in the sun, and tantalizing the hell out of my dogs. I call him "Chinga". You can tell he knows just how high to be to stay out of the dog's reach. He's been there for hours today and why does he tease the dogs, because he can.

Given a little more effort, Max (photo on right) may just reach him. I call Max my "tree climbing dog". I let the dogs harass the iguana in shifts, otherwise, they want to fight over him. Mela (left photo) could outrun Chinga but she's not a strong jumper. Since I cut back Chinga's favorite tree, I think the dogs roused him out of the pile of yard cuttings he has taken on as his new home.


Jen said...

Ah, the good life! Draping yourself over a branch just above life threatening danger. This must be the iguana version of hang gliding.

TICA MACHA said...

that iguana stayed there until the sun starting going down. Then he moseyed back up the amapola.

I had to laugh about the hand gliding idea - Thanks. Teri

p.s. thanks to the folks in Bejuco that sent a photos of their favorite iguana.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the 7-10 pound cats who successfully held their ground, hissing, within inches of my 80 pound dog.
The cats had "defense-claws" for deterrence...something my dog picked up on pretty quick after one swipe. Apparently the iguanas are as smart as the cats...they know EXACTLY how high to perch.
I think I want to be an iguana in Costa Rica in my next life.