Thursday, January 10

My Town

Playa Hermosa, it means beautiful beach. It's just a little strip of paradise that runs along the beach and it is a surf haven to some. I have watched it grow with new hotels and houses springing up right next to me... and more planned developments for the future. One day, I will be able to walk across the street to the grocery store in the new 'plaza'. It's all "in the plan". I believe it will happen because all I have seen (and heard) for the past five years is construction.

Early, early this morning, my friend Oscar, took me up the mountain to the section of the canopy tour where the monkeys hang out. It's high up in the Chiclets Trees and the fruit was hanging everywhere. Chewing gum is made from the fruit of the Chiclets trees. Inside is a sticky powder. I guess monkeys like it. We walked across suspended bridges and passed breathtaking views but we didn't see any monkeys.

Every now and then, I check my site meter to see where people are viewing my blog from. It never ceases to amaze me how far reaching a little blog can be.
For those folks in ICELAND, I promise to deliver better photos... (and for all y'all, too, wherever you may be)
I only had my telephoto with me today for monkey shots.

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