Saturday, January 12

GOOD Morning

Mornings start early around here. At 5:05 a.m. starts the first rooster. The other birds start their day chirping, shortly after. Around 6:30 a.m. the workers begin and by 7, everything is in full swing. Anybody that has ever lived here knows, mornings are the most magical time... and late afternoon. I'm grateful for the wake-up calls from nature.

This iguana has probably visited inside my fence and escaped from my dogs without losing more than a tail. Check out his new tail. I can't begin to count how many iguanas I have rescued and released. I am not afraid of them anymore. They love to eat the flowers (hibiscus/amapola) and also, the nuts in my tree (almond/alamandra). Getting up the tree is a trick with the dogs around. I watched and observed an iguana wait for the dogs to come inside and then he scurried up the tree.

Click onto to photo to enlarge to get the full effect.
There's all types of iguanas and now I'm looking for the big ones with the orange markings.

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