Monday, January 14


During the "festivities" around here (i.e., Christmas and New Years recently), it felt like I was in earshot of a war zone. The "fireworks" were also during the day and the loud explosion had all my dogs living under the bed. It was so cute, all their upper bodies fit underneath but their tails were sticking out. I thought I was going to have to buy doggy downers for all of us.... but we survived with just our nerves rattled.
I got curious as to what this cannon looked like so I walked next door to check it out. A cannon is the only thing I could figure that would make this huge explosive sound. Come to find out, it is packaged TNT, yes, DYNAMITE! They bought it in Cartago and from the sound of things, they bought A LOT of it! There was no rhyme or reason as to when they would set it off either. They drop it in the tube in the ground and light the fuse.
Ka-BOOM! Such a sonic explosion that my windows would rattle. Plus, it scared the pajeebees out of me.
So glad THAT'S over (for now).


Markitos said...

Ah.... the serenity... One minute hanging in a hammock, the next lying on the ground with punch all over. Mexico's the same way. M.

the frogster said...

Dynamite? I don't know if I could handle that, especially the whole surprise factor.

Hey... maybe there's room for a high-end earplug maker down there. I know a little about earplugs. I know if you put them in too far it's dangerous.

TICA MACHA said...

I kinda got used to the explosions because it was so often over the holidays. The dogs never did. One "bomb" blast and they were under the bed for the duration.
It did make my glass painting project a challenge...everytime the "bomb" went off, it caused me to jump. Just life in the 3rd world. So glad it wasn't "for real" (real bombs).