Thursday, April 3

'Live Bullet'

Same photo polarized in Photoshop. Cool, huh?
How could I leave without a song?. A Bob Seger melody. Music is always in my head. Helps me not 'to think' so much. Now, it's on my "Yo-Yo" sidebar. "Turn it up".
The version of "Travelin Man" and "Beautiful Loser" TOGETHER is such a classic.
As in the song, I was 'up with the sun' taking photos this morning and it was wonderful. NO PEOPLE on the beach and the lighting was awesome.
Keep a song in your heart and a spring in your step and you'll be just fine.
And don't forget,,, Come back and see me sometime.
PurrA Vida!!

I still check for comments from nice people...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Seger. We have one shot at life. Do what delights you!

TICA MACHA said...

I saw him and the Bullet Band in concert at Miami Sportatorum YEARS ago. I had 4th row seats and he sang TO ME. I still love him and remember it like yesterday.

Alison said...

Cool effect! A break? I just tuned in! I hope it is a nice time to focus on all of the things you have in mind to accomplish. I look forward to seeing what comes after your break, and in the meantime, I'll browse the archives. Have fun!

TICA MACHA said...

I hope others will look back and check out the 380 posts I have here. There's a lot of info buried on my blog.
Yes, I'm out getting new photos and exploring a new approach. Teri

angela said...

Please, please, PLEASE sell postcards of your magnificent photographs. I so want to share the beauty of this country and there's nothing currently in the stores that comes anywhere close for loveliness.
I'd put in my order RIGHT AWAY.
What, Tica Macha, do you have for sale?
These first two of today's posting, perhaps?

TICA MACHA said...

I'm all for selling my photos. Lord knows, I need income.
Know any good printers in Costa Rica?
Or anywhere else for that matter.
I'd like to do calendars too.
(wouldn't every photographer.....)
I "homemake" postcards. Just write me with the numbers on the photo file and I print them at home.
I working on making "a collection" now to exhibit around town.