Friday, April 18

Cultural Contrast

Here in Jaco on Friday, the buses roll in, depositing beachgoers from all over Costa Rica. Some stay for the weekend and others for the day. They still camp on the beaches but slowly, they are being pushed out by new development.
The photo is a place where those can shower and use the bathroom for a small fee. One dollar is around c500 (colones). To the right in the photo is a massage booth set up. This location is central Jaco down from the Police station located on beachfront property. Yes, soon the Police station will be relocated, too. Beachfront is just too valuable. This photo was taken last month. When I look back on my photos over the years of Jaco, I wonder... just when did it change and where did it go?
I saw the change in Southwest Florida and the Everglades. That's why I moved here.
Back to nature and back to the basics. "If you love Costa Rica, don't tell anyone."


Eco Interactive said...

Here is another contrast for you. In the USA if a woman says "He is my friend", that means she is NOT sleeping with him. In Costa Rica if a woman says "He is my friend", that almost certainly means that she IS sleeping with him.

John said...

You've got me hooked on your Teri Tunes. Quite enjoyable. And they seem to give greater depth to your photograhs and blog.

Now for a little whine. When I click on a photograph so that I can view it in a larger format and greater detail, the music stops. Same when I go to the comments. What a bummer.

Thanks for the blog.

TICA MACHA said...

Can't help you with Blogger, that's how it is. I almost took off the music for that same reason.
Oh well, "you just can't have it all" (- from Beautiful Loser).

In Costa Rica, it seems everyone is sleeping with everyone, except me. Sex is like drinking water here. Guess that's why I'm waiting for "the good stuff".

Anonymous said...

Pour another drink for me bartender.

TICA MACHA said...

Poor, poor, pour me another.
Funny, I don't drink, either unless of course, there's a good reason.