Thursday, April 24


There are three kinds of taxis in Costa Rica. The airport taxis which are comparable to Indy 500 drivers. They get you were you want to go FAST. The cars are the color of orange-red and say airport taxi. Get out of the way of these orange-red airport taxi cars and mini-vans, they are SERIOUS drivers.
The second is the regular taxi which is red-red (see photo in next post). They are everywhere in Costa Rica and will take you anywhere in Costa Rica. Mostly, they are used locally. All drivers have a taxi i.d. and are insured. Both types of forementioned taxis have license plate numbers that match the numbers on the side of the taxi. Something I just learned.
The third "taxi" is a pirate taxi. That's the guy that transports people but it's on his own, in his own car. It's not legal for them to collect fares but they do give a great service to the locals. Of course, you travel with them at your own risk. Hell, with any of them... it's at your own risk in Costa Rica.
There is NO EXCUSE to drive drunk in Costa Rica (or anywhere for that matter).
You may want to check the taxi driver though and see if he might be a little tipsy or high.
"Paradise by Dashboard Lights" - Meatloaf, is dedicated to my old friend Kim.
She absolutely ROCKS when she does her performance of this song. It's been a long time since I've seen that but I still think about her when I hear this song. It seemed to come to mind when I posted Taxi. Used to, I'd arrive late at the SJO airport and that's what I would see of the Coast - Paradise by Dashboard Lights (half-loaded on Pilsen). :)
Kim and her hunky husband may end up living in Costa Rica YET! Watch out Dominical!


Doug said...

Dont you wish you had a helicopter ! LOL
The scary part is that I'm starting to drive like a Tico .

TICA MACHA said...

I know what you mean. I don't think 'they' could drive without a horn. My horn recently went on the fritz and I had to resort to yelling and hand gestures. It was fun but I got a new horn pretty fast.
Helicopters have been buzzing our beach here. Either it's a new tour or private, probably both. They've landed by my house a few times. It's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I've also seen some green taxis lately. Maybe they're exclusively for the "green-gos"?
Bad pun.
So sorry.
Beth, who should remain anonymous.

PS be careful what you wish for with the copters. They get pretty annoying real quick. They buzz my community here in the states and must think the middle finger means "come a little bit closer"...

TICA MACHA said...

You're so funny. Miss ya. -t

Alison said...
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