Sunday, April 13

Sunrise Sunday

The following was sent to me by a "Yo-Yo" reader...
"To Teri,
A gentle breeze caresses her face, as it flows on endlessly- Leaving behind a touch of nature, as it continues thru infinity. And as a white cloud drifting high overhead stands out in a sky of blue-
She's captivated within it's beauty, while standing in the morning dew.
She hears a choir singing, as she looks up within the trees-
And views a host of birds, who appear to be singing happily,
Then as her eyes slowly wander, across a field of green-
She find herself inwardly captured, within this moment serene.
She hears a babbling brook, secured somewhere from her view-
And as she walks an unbroken path, her mind brings forth thoughts anew,
For as she takes in these wonders, that surly before her do unfold-
She encounters within a lifetime of memories, stories yet to be told.
She slowly turns around, and her mind willingly apprehends-
That when one beauty of nature fades, another one begins,
For all of these things she beholds, when darkness fades from sight-
And finds herself standing alone, In the early morning light.

She's captured natures purest moments, it's innocents you see-
And shows the world the glory, in something wild, and something free.
Her labor goes unpaid, but the benefits we reap,
She's usually out there stalking, while we are all asleep.

I hope this brings a tear to your eye, then we can say we got ya,
That is why we've come to love, the one called Tica Macha.

Are you smiling? I hope so.

"Amazing Grace" is today's song, sung by Elvis - One of my mom's favorites.
We took a trip to Graceland before she died. One of the only times I can remember, just me and mom.
Photos are not retouched. This is the "puro" sunrise. I hope it inspires you, too.


Anonymous said...

After reading that great poem today on Yo-Yo, and listening to Elvis, it seemed to inspire me to dig deep down into the depths of my creative soul and dredge out something for you to think about, as you stroll down your beach watching the sunsets.

A blonde Tica alone in a castle
Had dogs she said were no hassle
Hungry one day for blonde Macha
The dogs they growled, "We gotcha!"
And ate her right down to her tassle
PS I actually love dogs

wolfie_cr said...

have you hear about

you should post your pictures......I don't know the details but they pick "picture of the day" from the submissions (I think, you would have to check how to post them in such a way to be eligible)

and I say that because many of your pictures are extremely nice

I like the 2nd picture because it shows two waves breaking at the same time one in front of the other? Not sure if that's what it is but it looks like that to me anyway

on the cnbc front you are not missing much, now Cramer is the 'know it all of the crash' after there are SEVERAL videos of him saying 'there is no crash' just a year or two ago.....these talking heads...... :)

TICA MACHA said...

I've used webshots on my desktop for years. I've written to them before to ask about submitting photos and AT THE TIME they wanted slides. I haven't shot in lsides since the 80's. When we went to digital, they wanted EXTREMEly large pixel sizes. I quit writing them. I have a site there but rarely update it.
Thanks for the headup on what Cramer is ranting about. I sure do miss all those guys at CNBC. Maybe one day, we'll get CNBC back down in the boonies but I don't have much hope. The stock market will probably be gone by then. Cramer doesn't have to tell me it's crashing...I can see that on my portfolio. Sad, sad, sad.
Good to see you Wolfie. I wasn't sure if you still checked out Yo-Yo. AND YES, that is a double wave. It's a whole new world at sunrise. Something I rarely see!!
Thanks for the compliments on my photos.

The B family said...

I'm so glad you ran out to get this. Very inspiring!