Thursday, April 10

Hello, It's me....

"Hello, it's me
I've thought about us for a long, long time
Maybe I think too much but something's wrong
There's something here that doesn't last too long
Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine "...
(Isley Brothers)
... oh, that's another song floating around in my mind from WAY BACK.
I missed my "presence" here in the blogosphere and wanted to post this jazzed photo of Pelingo I've been playing with in Photoshop.... and to play with the music newly installed on my blog. No comments so far about it or not?

Recently, a complete stranger from CA and his girlfriend came for a visit to Jaco. We "spoke" via Internet. Stefan and Lilly brought to me Photoshop 5 so now I have TWO Photoshop programs. Peggy, my hometown friend, gifted me Photoshop Elements 6 when she was here visiting me a little bit ago. I am in Photoshop heaven. Thanks guys, this and "A New Earth" has changed my world. And the fact that my local cable company DROPPED CNBC station. That's my lifeline for the stock market and news. Oh well, PURA VIDA, I don't watch t.v. in the day anymore (except Oprah). I did suffer withdrawals at first but I'm learning to live without CNBC or face the possibilities of moving. NOT. I always said I couldn't live here without CNBC, well, I know different now. I will live without it and I will live better. More time better spent.
Remember,,, Change or be Changed?


Anonymous said...

I could name that tune after "hello, it's me". I guess that dates me.

Pelingo is surfin' surreal style, for sure. That's very cool. Where's the music on your sidebar? I can't find it now?
It's so good to hear you're alive and well! Keep checking in with us.


Jen said...

You had me at "Hello"!!!! Immeadiately started humming it as I clicked. :) Unfortunately, I don't have sound on the desktop so I can't comment on that. Not fixing it until we move out of fire hazzard house. Sooner than you think...end of month!!!!! The satellite has already been moved so we're totally without television. Surprisingly, we're surviving after 4 days. Going to be without internet in the new place for a few months. Looking forward to doing some photowork (wish someone would bring me photoshop) and crafting. Busy downloading free patterns every chance I get right now.

Know anything about silk ribbon embroidery?

TICA MACHA said...

That's an old song but one that sticks with you,, just those first three words.
The music in under Teri Tunes and should be there.??
Photoshop is fun but a little frustration learning (isn't everything?)
You will be so busy you probably won't miss it that much. (NOT, right?) You gotta have internet!!
Where do you get your patterns?
That's one thing CR doesn't have that I have found, patterns for clothes or anything else!

TICA MACHA said...

BTW - I just love.."You had me at hello". I was thinking about Jerry Mcguire just yesterday!

Gidget said...

Admire you and your wonderful attitude. Keep it up and keep living. You are a beautiful person and your pics speak of your spirit. And that is more important than television and all the rest. Maybe it is a good thing indeed.......

TICA MACHA said...

I've missed you Gidget. Are you still in Costa Rica?
Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing.

Kate said...

Hey Teri, I'm glad you miss your blog because I miss it too! I hope you're learning a lot on your journey. I can do without tv and get much more done when it's not turned on, but I cannot live without my internet. (Good luck Jen!!) As always, I love your photographs! I want to learn photoshop but read too many blogs to sit still and work on it (for now). There are a lot of creative blogs and some have patterns and templates. E-mail me if you're interested and I can send you some links.

Oh yeah, I like the blogs that have music on them because it broadens my music horizons. I'm behind on the current stuff because I don't listen to the radio here (3 years). I recognized your opening tune the same as Beth... brings back memories. :-)

Hugs from Esterillos,

Alison said...

This is a very cool image. It's nice to see that you have not given up on blogging. You offer a great look at Costa Rica.
It is funny how we live without all of the things we swore we could not. My list of "must have" extras is down to Internet.